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When an individual is unable to make decisions regarding his/ her personal welfare and basic needs, a guardian may be be appointed to make medical decisions and a conservator to make financial decisions. 

Care management

Assistance with obtaining and overseeing services for individuals able to live independently. Regular monitoring of effectiveness of ancillary services and the person's changes in needs.


Promote and advocate for every individual's independence and self-reliance to regain the ability to exercise any and all rights that may have been previously restricted.

Trust administration 

Trusts are unique tools that enable a private fiduciary to follow specific instructions of the trust grantor. Administration of the trust is an integral part of ensuring the instructions within the trust are safe-guarded.

consultation & coordination

Assistance with guardianship and conservatorship services for families that are unfamiliar with area community based services. Act as a contact and coordinate services for out of area family.

evaluation & assessment

A care plan will be prepared early in the guardianship after a thorough assessment of the individual's strength, abilities, and needs to set goals and the steps needed to reach them. 

estate administration

Whether or not there is a Will, someone needs to step in and ensure the estate is protected, all beneficiaries are located and the estate is satisfactorily administered for the benefit of all concerned parties.

supervised placement

Assistance with placement to a supervised setting as need arises, placement options will meet state standards for care and assure to highest level of personal freedom based on individual needs.

coordinating health care services

Every decision made that affects the individual and/ or family will be based, as much as possible, on the desires, concerns and preferences of the individual and/ or family.